Around the Dark Dial – J.D. Sanderson – Review

“Around the Dark Dial is one of the most original, engaging and memorable collections of science-fiction stories that I have read in a very long time, and a frankly incredible achievement by author J.D. Sanderson. With each of the eleven stories in the collection, Sanderson uses his wit, boundless imagination and vivid writing style to deftly bring to the written page the feeling of listening to one of those period radio dramas…”

The Samaritan (A Quiet Apocalypse #3) – Dave Jeffery – Review

“Packed with intense, brutal action scenes, deeply affecting emotional twists, and thought-provoking philosophical questions, The Samaritan is a novel that relentlessly burrows into your psyche and never lets up for a second until that last, harrowing paragraph that will leave you feeling hollow and emptied out. With the publication of The Samaritan Dave Jeffery has ensured that his name is synonymous with British post-apocalyptic fiction, and has decisively proven that he and that genre are one and the same…”

Shakedowners – Justin Wooley – Review

“Action-packed, imaginative and often laugh-out-loud hilarious, and demonstrating far more depth of character and thought than its many other competitors in the Comedic Science-Fiction genre, Shakedowners is a superb achievement by Justin Wooley. A comical love-letter to both the science-fiction genre as a whole, and Star Trek in particular, it’s a must-read novel for science-fiction fans, as Wooley deftly draws you into the complex and intriguing universe that he’s skilfully developed…”

Spiffing: A Cosmic Horror Novella – Tim Mendees – Review

“Spiffing: A Cosmic Horror Novella has been one of the highlights of 2021 for me as a horror fiction reviewer. It’s a novella that has deeply impressed me, both as reader and reviewer, and marks out Tim Mendees as a highly talented and imaginative author that is someone to watch in the horror genre…”

Autumn: Dawn – David Moody – Review

“The survivors in London may have an uncertain future ahead of them, but the same definitely can’t be said for David Moody and his new take on his classic Autumn series: Autumn Dawn is a confident and utterly assured start to a new series, and a clear demonstration that Moody is a true master of the zombie genre. Jarring, unsettling, contemplative and action-packed all in equal measure, Autumn: Dawn is an instant classic of the zombie genre, a superb novel that demands to be read by anyone with an interest in zombie fiction, or high-quality horror fiction in general; and I cannot wait to see what Moody brings to this setting with the next book in this new series.”

The Qubit Zirconium – M Darusha Wehm – Review

“Reading The Qubit Zirconium has recharged my enthusiasm and passion for the science-fiction genre, and I’m absolutely certain it will do the same for anyone else who reads it. I cannot wait to see what Wibble and Pplimz will investigate next time, and I can be certain that I will be right alongside them and Wehm when they do so…”

Rainbringer – Edward M. Erdelac – Review

“Rainbringer is an absolutely incredible achievement, the sign of an author at the very peak of his game as a composer of horror fiction, and it has been an absolute pleasure to read through the collection and share in the passion Erdelac has for Zora Neale Hurston and her world, as well as Erdelac’s unique take on the Lovecraftian Mythos.”

The Constellation of Alarion – John Houlihan – Review

“Full of immersive, complex, and highly engaging stories that grip the reader and refuse to let go until the end of the last page, The Constellation of Alarion and Other Stories is a masterful collection that deserves to be read by anyone with an interest in original and thought-provoking science-fiction…”

Death’s Kiss – Josh Reynolds – Review

“Death’s Kiss is another brilliant Rokugan story from Josh Reynolds, a fast-paced, intricately-plotted and highly rewarding journey through the Legend of the Five Rings setting, in the company of a charming, debonair protagonist with hidden depths and a knack for witty dialogue and amusing asides. In Daidoji Shin, Reynolds has created the perfect protagonist to act as a guide into the world of the roleplaying game, deftly guiding the reader through the complex political and mythological elements of the Rokugan setting alongside a story that has the perfect blend of action, political intrigue and high drama… I very much hope that Reynolds will be commissioned to write further stories featuring Daidoji Shin, because as Death’s Kiss so aptly demonstrates, Reynolds and Aconyte are a winning combination.”

Midnight in the Chapel of Love – Matthew R Davis – Review

“Midnight in the Chapel of Love is an incredible accomplishment by Matthew R Davis, a small-town horror story executed masterfully with a multi-layered narrative that becomes more complex and engaging the further you read into the novel. It’s a profound and thought-provoking rumination on the nature of love and belonging as much as it is a supernatural horror story, an artful blend with a huge amount of depth and character that Davis develops perfectly. Reading Midnight in the Chapel of Love has been one of the highlights of 2021 for me, and I think another author will have to perform incredibly strongly to outperform it. ..”

Editor Interview – Gary Oswald

” I’ve been very fortunate, therefore, to get some time with Gary Oswald, who is both author and editor in the Alternate History genre. Gary has the weighty responsibility of editing and maintaining the blog over at the Sea Lion Press website, which publishes a long-running series of genre articles, book reviews, discussion points and vignettes, and also contributes articles himself on several subjects. He’s also edited the upcoming Sea Lion Press anthology Grapeshot and Guillotines: Revolutions That Never Were (which I should also note includes a short vignette from me!). In this interview, Gary chatted with me about his background and interest in Alternate History; his experiences in working with authors on articles for the Sea Lion Press blog, and gaining traction in a niche genre; his own Alternate History articles on the blog, covering a number of topics; and how he found editing an entire anthology of Alternate History Revolutions.”

Author Interview – Jon Black

“In the latest in my on-going series of interviews with authors I’ve featured here on The Scifi and Fantasy Reviewer, I’ve been able to get to speak to Jon Black, one of the most talented and impressive authors I’ve had the privilege to come to know through the years of running this book review blog. He’s the author of the absolutely superb Jazz-Era occult mystery thriller Gabriel’s Trumpet and the on-going novel series Bel Nemeton…”