Author Interview – Dave Jeffery

“In the latest in my on-going series of interviews with authors I’ve featured here on The Scifi and Fantasy Reviewer, I’ve been lucky enough to get some time with Dave Jeffery, author of the post-apocalyptic classics A Quiet Apocalypse and Cathedral, both published by Demain Publishing, and recently reviewed here on the blog…”

Author Interview – John Houlihan

“What better way to start the new year – and get my head back into the book reviewing game – than with an exclusive author interview? That’s why, for the next entry in my series of interviews with authors whose works I’ve reviewed here on The Scifi and Fantasy Reviewer, I’m thrilled to be able to present an interview with none other than sci-fi, fantasy and horror author John Houlihan, an absolute legend and one of the first authors whose works I reviewed here…”

Author Interview – David Flin

“Following on from my exclusive interviews with authors Paul Leone and Tom Anderson, I was lucky enough to get in contact with author David Flin, another Sea Lion Press alumni who has had several novels released by the publisher, as well as editing (and contributing to) several of their anthologies. He was gracious enough to agree to answer some questions from me about his background and life experiences, and how those have influenced his writing and his goals as an author; the inspiration behind his Alternate History novels; the mysterious Sergeant Frosty; and what the future holds for him at the moment.”

Author Interview – Tom Anderson

“Following on from my first author interview with Paul Leone, author of the upcoming The Mysteries of Zillah Harvey: Volume One, I was lucky enough to catch up with another author who’s had titles released by Sea Lion Press, who specialise in publishing Alternate History fiction. Tom Anderson is one of the most prolific – and successful – authors under the Sea Lion Press banner, and was recently nominated for the prestigious Sidewise Award for Alternate History alongside his co-author Bruno Lombardi for the short story ‘N’oublions Jamais’. He was kind enough to take the time to answer some questions about his writing background, his experiences in writing in both the Alternate History and Science-Fiction genres, and his latest title Well Met By Starlight, which was launched at the end of July…”