The Luna Missile Crisis – Rhett C. Bruno & Jaime Castle – Review

“The Luna Missile Crisis is a first-rate piece of science-fiction and alternate history fiction by Bruno and Castle, the two authors creating a novel that transcends many of the stereotypes and tropes that litter those two genres and subverts many others, creating a fast-paced, multi-layered and often thought-provoking narrative that had me hooked from the very first page….”

Car Crash Weather – Matthew Tait – Quick Review

“Car Crash Weather is a short but masterful read from author Matthew Tait, the atmosphere, language and superb plotting all demonstrating the clear talent that Tait has as a horror writer, and I certainly intend to seek out more of his works to read and review in the months ahead…”

Night Voices – Frank Duffy & Paul Edwards – Review

“Night Voices is a superb collaboration between Frank Duffy and Paul Edwards, and one of the most impressive, accomplished and emotionally affecting collections of horror short fiction I’ve encountered in a very long time reviewing titles in the genre….”

The Plumbers – Terry M West – Review

“It’s a deeply impressive achievement by Terry M West, a deftly-written, highly imaginative and often surprisingly philosophical look at the zombie apocalypse through the eyes of two critical yet underappreciated workers…”

The Eldritch New Adventures of Becky Sharp – Micah S. Harris – Review

“Taken all together, it means that The Eldritch New Adventures of Becky Sharp is as much a work of art as a novel, something to be experienced and savoured as much as read, all for a ridiculously low price for both the ebook and paperback editions. It’s certainly going to be a favourite on my (virtual) bookshelf for quite some time, and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone with an interest in genre mash-ups, classic literature, or the hidden depths of the Cthulhu Mythos…”

Cover Reveals [Blog Exclusive] – Sergeant Frosty Publications

“When I interviewed author and editor David Flin earlier in the month here on the blog, his final question looked at what was in his future – and that included the new publishing house he was setting up. Sergeant Frosty Publications will focus on publishing SF, Fantasy, and Historical Fiction titles for Children and Young Adults, and their first tranche of titles are due to launch in early October 2020.

In an exclusive for The Scifi and Fantasy Reviewer, I am now able to reveal the covers and back-cover blurbs for the four titles that make up that initial tranche…”

The Doom of Fallowhearth – Robbie MacNiven – Review

“Expertly-written and populated with some of the most memorable characters in a fantasy novel that I’ve read in quite some time, and imbued with a bold, thought-provoking and often surprising narrative, with an emotionally powerful ending that’s akin to a fist in the gut, The Doom of Fallowhearth is another first-rate title by author Robbie MacNiven, as well as further proof of the success of Aconyte Books under the keen eye and guidance of editor Charlotte Llewelyn-Wells…”

The Dog – Raven Daegmorgan – Review

“This is nothing less than a work of art by Raven Daegmorgan, one that perfectly encompasses the best ideals of the Weird Horror genre, and Mike Davis and Lovecraft eZine Press have done us a great service by publishing it for us to read. It is utterly incredible to discover that this is Daemorgan’s first long-form published work, given how slick and polished the novella is; and I have an absolute certainty that this is an author who will rapidly become synonymous with the Weird Horror genre – soon to be spoken of in the same breath as Raab, Bartlett, Padgett and other greats of the genre. I cannot recommend this novella strongly enough, and cannot wait to see what Daegmorgan comes up with next…”

Author Interview – David Flin

“Following on from my exclusive interviews with authors Paul Leone and Tom Anderson, I was lucky enough to get in contact with author David Flin, another Sea Lion Press alumni who has had several novels released by the publisher, as well as editing (and contributing to) several of their anthologies. He was gracious enough to agree to answer some questions from me about his background and life experiences, and how those have influenced his writing and his goals as an author; the inspiration behind his Alternate History novels; the mysterious Sergeant Frosty; and what the future holds for him at the moment.”

Where We Live – Tim Cooke – Review

“Where We Live is not only a incredibly impressive achievement by Cooke, but also a clear sign of how Demain Publishing is progressing and maturing; I cannot think of many other publishers in the genre that would take a chance on such an unusual yet remarkable collection, one that burrows into your mind and refuses to let go regardless of the time spent away from the book. It is a superb collection, and should be required reading for any reader who desires to know how the horror genre can evolve out of the tired and stale tropes and scenarios that threaten to dominate it…”

Watch the Flanks – Thomas Parrott – Review

“With Watch the Flanks Parrott has set his own, unique mark on the scifi genre and made a highly promising start to a setting independent of his previous I.P. work. I really hope there are more stories in this setting, and I’ll definitely be subscribing to Mr Parrott’s CuriousFictions account to see what he forges.”