Author Interview – Sean M. Thompson

“Sean M. Thompson is the author of a number of strange, ethereal and unsettlingly weird stories including the novellas Farmington Correctional and Astrum, his short story collection Screaming Creatures, and novel Th3 D3mon. He’s also contributed short stories to a number of publications, including many from two of my favourite publishers – Muzzleland Press and Orford Parish Books.”

Tropical Punch (Bubbles in Space #1) – S.C. Jensen – Review

“Tropical Punch is actually one of the best cyberpunk noir thrillers that I’ve ever read, and that’s all down to author S.C. Jensen’s inherent talent as an author and storyteller. She’s created this gritty, vibrant and neon-drenched setting that – while it seems like it would struggle to stand out amongst its innumerable competitors – has been invested with so much imagination, atmosphere and stellar prose to come to life and rise far above the usual second-rate cyberpunk novels that infest the genre”

Harvest Nights: A Lovecraftian Horror Novella – Ahmed Ameen – Review

“Shocking, horrifying and genuinely surprising by turns, with a deeply unsettling atmosphere that Ameen carefully attunes to both characters and readers as the story progresses, Harvest Nights is a superb piece of horror fiction, and I feel honored to have been one of the first to read and review it.”

Cult of the Spider Queen – S.A. Sidor – Review

“Sidor’s Cult of the Spider Queen is perhaps the most accomplished and most impressive Arkham Horror novel in the series that I have read to this point. Superbly written, deftly plotted and imbued with an absolutely first-rate cast of characters that easily retain the reader’s attention until the very last page, Cult of the Spider Queen is a highly-polished and deeply impressive slice of Jazz-Era horror, with Sidor demonstrating his rapidly-increasingly skills and talents as an author, as well as his innate understanding of both the Arkham Horror setting and Lovecraftian Horror in general.”

Author Interview – Thomas Parrott

“I’m absolutely delighted to begin again by being able to speak with one of my absolute favourite up-and-coming scifi and fantasy authors, Thomas Parrott. A tremendously talented author, he first came to my attention with his debut novella from Black Library, Isha’s Lament with its assured, confident and action-packed take on the Blackstone Fortress setting in Warhammer 40,000, and then further impressed with a series of short stories across multiple genres. He has a novel – Tom Clancy’s The Division: Recruited – coming out soon from Aconyte Books, based on the popular third-person online shooter and which recently reviewed here on The Scifi and Fantasy Reviewer.”

Tom Clancy’s The Division: Recruited – Thomas Parrott – Review

“Tom Clancy’s The Division: Recruited is a novel that operates on multiple levels thanks to the talent and skills of author Thomas Parrott. On one level, Recruited is a fast-paced, action-packed and utterly captivating thriller that perfectly matches the atmosphere generated by its source material – a flawless adaptation of The Division. But on another, far deeper and more complex level, it’s also a haunting, often deeply uncomfortable look at a world devastated by a pandemic even worse than the one we face in our reality, and the fundamental changes that have happened to society and human interaction since the ‘Dollar Flu’ was introduced”

Pileaus: Symphony No. 1 – (Ed. Scott Colby) – Review

“Pileaus: Symphony No. 1 is by far the most unusual, surprising and – above all – unique anthologies that I’ve ever reviewed here on The Scifi and Fantasy Reviewer, and I enjoyed it all the more for its quirks and peculiar format.”

The Last Resort: A Zombicide Novel – Josh Reynolds – Review

“This is a streamlined, action-packed and gore-soaked tribute to the Zombicide setting that you’ll devour almost as fast as one of its zombies devours a screaming human survivor, populated with imaginative and three-dimensional characters that stay with you long after the novel has ended, with Reynolds making excellent use of the different zombie types in the boardgame to create a chilling and nightmarish scenario for Westlake, Ramirez and the other survivors.”

The Butcher in the Night (Crooked Empires Vol. 2) – Charles X. Cross – Review

“The Butcher in the Night is another superb achievement by author Charles X Cross and demonstrates that his initial success with The Man-Butcher Prize was no mere fluke; it can be incredibly difficult for authors to create a sequel that is the equal of the first book they produce, but Cross has vaulted that barrier with tremendous ease and produced something that exceeds The Man-Butcher Prize…”

Hauler – Eric Kruger – Review

“Hauler is a fast-paced, energetic and above-all fun slice of science-fiction, with a small but well-developed cast of characters, an intriguing take on the corporate dystopia scenario that is distinctly refreshing, and worldbuilding and an overarching narrative that hooked me from the very beginning, and kept me reading intensely until the last page. I’m genuinely curious and excited about where Kruger is taking the story of Benjamin Drake and his friends, enemies and reluctant allies, and cannot wait to get hold of a copy of the sequel whenever it comes out.”

Althingi – The Crescent and the Northern Star (eds. Jim Gillingham & Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad) – Review

“As the length of this review might have indicated, I cannot recommend Althingi: The Crescent and the Northern Star strongly enough to everyone who reads this blog – and indeed will be doing the same to anyone else I talk to about book recommendations. I cannot remember the last time that I enjoyed an anthology so much, and learnt so much about different cultures and time periods at the same time as reading fascinating, high-quality historical fiction. Althingi is a refreshingly different and unique approach to historical fiction, casting much-needed light on cultures, countries and religions that I would very likely never have learnt about otherwise.”