The First Rule of Showmanship – DS Ullery – Review

“Masterfully written, carefully crafted to evoke a tense and unsettling atmosphere, and populated with an engaging and memorable protagonist that is simultaneously sympathetic and also deeply repulsive as a character, The First Rule of Showmanship is a brilliant piece of horror short fiction by DS Ullery that deserves to be read by any fan of horror fiction, especially for those interested in psychological and weird horror…”

Author Interview – John Houlihan

“What better way to start the new year – and get my head back into the book reviewing game – than with an exclusive author interview? That’s why, for the next entry in my series of interviews with authors whose works I’ve reviewed here on The Scifi and Fantasy Reviewer, I’m thrilled to be able to present an interview with none other than sci-fi, fantasy and horror author John Houlihan, an absolute legend and one of the first authors whose works I reviewed here…”

Snipers (Zommunist Invasion Book 2) – Camille Picott – Review

“Tense, horrifying, action-packed and populated with a fresh and engaging cast of characters, as well as a unique take on the undead that continues to evolve and deeply impress me as a reader and reviewer, Snipers is one of the best zombie apocalypse novels that I have read in a long time – and I have read a lot of them.”

Red Virus (Zommunist Invasion Book I) – Camille Picott – Review

“…yet more proof that she is a fresh and exciting new voice in the zombie apocalypse genre. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next title in the series, due for release in December 2020, and I can guarantee that I will be reviewing it on this blog when it comes out. If you’re a fan of smart, intelligently-written and action-packed zombie tales – then look no further than anything written by Camille Picott…”

Horrorama – C.V. Hunt (Ed.) – Review

“Quite frankly, Horrorama is nothing less than the Gold-Standard for Grindhouse Horror Fiction, and I really look forward to seeing what Hunt and Grindhouse Press come up with next; whatever it is, I’ll certainly be there watching…”

M.I.C.H.A.E.L. (Short Sharp Shocks! Book 52) – Jess Doyle – Review

“Powerfully written, with a gripping and quietly terrifying atmosphere that becomes more and more unsettling as the story progresses and time unwinds, and based around an emotional core that is perfectly judged and immensely powerful, M.I.C.H.A.E.L is an incredibly impressive piece of short horror fiction…”

Screaming Creatures – Sean M. Thompson – Review

“Screaming Creatures is undeniable proof that, when one considers the state of the Weird Horror subgenre, one cannot speak about its leading lights without now listing Sean M. Thompson alongside writers like Gemma Files, Jonathan Raab and Matthew M. Bartlett. There’s a unique signature that runs throughout all of the stories within the collection, an eerie and deeply unsettling sense of wrongness that only Thompson is able to evoke with such clarity, and an often philosophical air that gives his stories that distinctive edge to them…”

The Luna Missile Crisis – Rhett C. Bruno & Jaime Castle – Review

“The Luna Missile Crisis is a first-rate piece of science-fiction and alternate history fiction by Bruno and Castle, the two authors creating a novel that transcends many of the stereotypes and tropes that litter those two genres and subverts many others, creating a fast-paced, multi-layered and often thought-provoking narrative that had me hooked from the very first page….”