#DemainDecember: House of Wrax – Dane Raven – Review

“The House of Wrax really is a fantastic novella that I had a blast reading – I’m tempted to label it as something akin to ‘Mad Max meets Game of Thrones’, but that seems to do Dane a dis-service. Her novella dips into a number of different genres and subgenres and pulls together a number of seemingly disparate concepts, tropes and characterisations – 1980’s Nuclear Armageddon films, feudal dynasties, eugenics, racism, sexism and classism – to create something fresh and vibrant”

Crown of Thorns – Trevor Kennedy – Review

“Well-written, atmospheric and original in both tone and content – there should be more Horror titles set during The Troubles – Crown of Thorns is a tense and often unsettling short story that has a huge amount of potential that’s only been partially realised. If allowed to be further developed, and the supernatural elements of the plot more widely integrated, I firmly believe that Crown of Thorns could be a classic of the genre…”

A Quiet Apocalypse – Dave Jeffery – Review

“Yet despite its generally grim tone and often challenging content, I cannot think of another piece of post-apocalyptic fiction that I have enjoyed so much, and which has so fundamentally affected me as a reader. Ultimately, A Quiet Apocalypse reminds me of genre classics like The Children of Men and The Road, and I firmly believe that it deserves to be ranked alongside them.”