Moonlight, Gunshot, Mallet, Flame (Short Sharp Shocks! Book 49) – Alicia Hilton – Mini-Review

“With Moonlight, Gunshot, Mallet, Flame, Alicia Hilton has succeeded in creating two memorable, gritty and quietly unsettling horror stories that both involve dangerous and formidable women involved with the occult and the supernatural. Each of them, especially the titular story, have a dark, brooding atmosphere that perfectly encapsulates that noir feeling that countless authors attempt to portray in genre fiction and yet so many fail to comprehend. They’re both deftly written, as well as featuring two well-developed and fleshed-out female protagonists that avoid the usual noir stereotypes, and Hilton also manages to pull off some twists that I definitely didn’t see coming.”

Hand to Mouth (Short Sharp Shocks! Book 48) – Deborah Sheldon – Mini-Review

“Hand to Mouth is a brilliantly written and skilfully-plotted horror story that reveals more and more of itself the longer that you read. What seem to be the passionately-written pleas of a man wrongly imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit slowly becomes a multi-layered horror story focusing on the often devastating results of the anxieties that are inflicted on a family living in modern times.”

Crowded House & Other Stories (Short Sharp Shocks! Book #46) – S.J. Budd – Mini-Review

“I think that Crowded House & Other Stories might be one of the entries in the Short, Sharp, Shocks! imprint that I enjoyed the most, and which truly resonated with me as a piece of horror fiction. All three stories in the collection are superbly written, perfectly paced, and most importantly imbued with a deeply unsettling, almost existential form of horror – the kind that seeps into you and gets under your skin and won’t let you go for a long while afterward finishing them.”

The Birthday Girl & Other Stories (Short Sharp Shocks! Book 46) – Christopher Beck – Mini-Review

“The Birthday Girl & Other Stories is a fantastic debut by author Christopher Beck, demonstrating some real talent as a horror writer, including a particularly vivid imagination and a distinct knack for being able to reach into the very core of deeply emotional subjects and then moulding them into harrowing, memorable stories that stay with the reader long after the book itself has been finished.”