Cover Reveal – The Mysteries of Zillah Harvey: Volume One by Paul Leone

The Mysteries of Zillah Harvey: Volume One

Paul Leone

I am beyond excited to announce that – after years of focusing solely on book reviews – I have finally been able to find the time to start working with authors to actively promote their upcoming and recently released titles. This will include cover reveals, exclusive extracts and excerpts, interviews, and even book launches – all on The Sci-Fi and Fantasy Reviewer. This has been something that I have been wanting to do for a very long time, and I cannot think of a better way to launch this new series of articles on the blog than by doing my very first cover reveal.

Paul Leone is a great friend of this blog, and the author of a number of titles that stretch across multiple genres. He’s written about a holy war between the Catholic Church and vampires in the Vatican Vampire Hunters series; a murder-mystery in an alternate reality where the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem has lasted into the 21st Century; and most recently Sea Lion Press published his excellent Alternate History triptych In and Out of the Reich, about the realities of life in a Europe occupied by a victorious Third Reich and its allies. Leone has now turned his pen to the occult detective genre with his forthcoming The Mysteries of Zillah Harvey: Volume One, a collection of short stories focusing on the eponymous Zillah Harvey, a medium in Victorian London who finds herself clashing with a variety of occult forces.

Here’s the cover for the collection, and I’m certain that you’ll agree that this is an absolutely stunning piece of cover art by illustrator Jackson Tjota and with fonts and titling by Leslie Chase:


It’s an elegant piece that really catches the eye of the reader, and to me really suits the themes and atmosphere of the stories in the collection, as well as the personality of Zillah Harvey herself. Here’s the back-cover blurb to further whet your appetite:

Zillah Harvey was once just another faceless worker in the grimy underbelly of Victorian London. A chance encounter with a knife-wielding madman almost ended her life… and awoke the preternatural powers in her blood.

Using those powers to become a medium, communing with the spirits of the dead, she soon found herself swept up in the horrifying realities of the occult.

From sinister Carpathian noblemen and ancient Greek monsters to ghostly Templar churches and haunted idols, these thirteen tales see Zillah investigate and battle evil from the lonely Atlantic coast of Ireland to the rural heart of France… 

The Mysteries of Zillah Harvey: Volume One is scheduled to be released on the 1st September 2020, and you can preorder it from the following links:

Amazon UK

Amazon US

I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of this collection and start reading through it.  I’ll have an interview with Paul Leone up on the blog in the next couple of weeks, where the author will be able to tell us more about what inspired him to write these stories, as well as his background and influences as a writer; and of course, I’ll be hosting my own review of the collection just before it’s released.

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